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Own production,
modern sewing and embroidery equipment

Profi Dress sewing factory is a leading company in Russia for the production of corporate clothing, textiles for HoReCa and professional business.
We create models that can emphasize the status and personality of your institution, in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Company history
Our start

Beginning of activity of SHF "Profi Dress" in the field of HoReCa:

  • We rented a small room for rent.
  • The staff is 6 people.
  • Sales were made by the founder and Executive Director.
  • We worked only in Samara.
  • The number of customers is about 100 PCs.

We know we're on the right track

Gradually gaining momentum:

  • Increase in the area of rented premises.
  • The growth of the production staff.
  • The staff is 13 people.
  • Increase in the number of clients by 1.5 times.
  • We are looking for a productive sales Manager.

Growth in all areas

The appearance of large orders, a significant increase in production capacity:

  • The number of clients has grown to 180.
  • Appearance of the first sales Manager.
  • The staff is 23 people.
  • We set a goal to move to our own premises by 2014.

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Rapid development of the company:

  • The acquisition of own premises of over 300 m2.
  • Purchase of new professional equipment.
  • Implementation of the organizing scheme and a number of instructions.
  • They started taking part in socially significant projects.

Becoming famous in the international market

Breakthrough in development for the company:

  • I was hired as a Chief designer.
  • Release of the main catalog of the classic uniform collection.
  • Took part in the international exhibition "PIR".
  • We work with all of Russia and neighboring countries.
  • The number of clients increased to 284.

Increasing your awareness

They began to actively participate in Russian and foreign gastronomic projects:

  • We took part in the most important gastronomic projects.
  • Released a collection of modern uniforms "Fast Casual".
  • The number of clients increased to 478.
  • Coverage of territories increased by 32 cities.
  • Product output has grown to 29,000 units.

The growth and automation

We are rapidly developing and introducing new options to the company:

  • Purchased a new office space;
  • Automated business processes based on 1C.
  • The number of clients is 767, in 204 cities of Russia.
  • Has released a new collection "For Chef".
  • We took part in 15 events.

Together we are a force

We have become a dynamically developing company. We are expanding our production facilities and continuing to automate all business processes:

  • Released a new collection "Dress Code".
  • We use strategic planning.
  • Customer growth for the year from 767 to 2157.
  • We work with clients in 282 cities.

Profi Dress today

A team of professionals who create stylish uniforms and textiles for all service areas:

  • Own production.
  • Professional employee.
  • Quality control department.
  • 4 uniform collections.
  • Customers all over the world.

Key employees
Ruslana Sukaeva
Founder, CEO
Chekashkina Olga
Co-founder, Commercial Director
Kotelnikova Anastasia
Financial director
Guseva Nadezhda Vladimirovna
Production Director
Siksaeva Anna
Head of logistics department
Шнырева Елена
Руководитель построения
Бурда Анастасия
Митина Наталья
Руководитель отдела качества
Our clients
Благодарность от ОАО “Магазин медтехника”

ОАО “Магазин медтехника” г. Волгоград выражает благодарность за сотрудничество. Мы полностью удовлетворены качеством, сроками поставки и упаковкой продукции Швейной Фабрики “Профи Дресс”. Особенно нашим клиентам нравятся Защитные многоразовые комбинезоны TITAN STANDART, в ходе эксплуатации медучреждениями г. Волгограда и Волгоградской области комбинезоны хорошо себя зарекомендовали. 

Н.М. Рыжкова
Генеральный директор

Transneft Volga region, JSC

Transneft Volga region, JSC I express my gratitude and appreciation for the high-quality and timely delivery of workwear and textile products, an individual approach to the client. I would also like to Express my personal gratitude to Elizaveta Esaulenko, the Manager-designer for working with clients, for her professionalism and ability to resolve issues related to the fulfillment of contractual obligations in a timely manner.

V. G. Khachaturian
Head of the SOP of JSC Transneft Volga region

Administration Of the Governor of the Samara region

Thank you for your charitable assistance in solving social issues of war veterans and their families and in holding celebrations dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

D. E. Ovchinnikov
Vice-Governor – Head Of the administration Of the Governor of the Samara region

Государственное бюджетное учреждение «Малгобекская районная станция скорой медицинской помощи» (МРССМП ГБУ)

Благодарим, за быструю поставку качественной продукции, а именно комбинезонов: сотрудники довольны качеством.


Скорая помощь г. Юрга

Комбинезоны хорошие, по шкале от 1 до 10 на 10 баллов - спасибо. Используем бережно, показывают себя хорошо. Спасибо за быстроту и договоренность по пошиву и доставке. При надобности, обратимся к вам вновь.

Татьяна Анатольевна
Старший фельдшер

МБУЗ ЦРБ Цимлянского района (Ростовской области)

Костюмы качественные, удобные в работе, красивые, функциональные, хорошо защищают медицинский персонал.

Е. Токарева
Руководитель отдела снабжения

Own sewing production

When placing an order with us, you buy from the manufacturer, which allows you to avoid additional costs if you buy from intermediary companies.

High product quality

Modern automated clothing design system «JULIVI» and our own quality control.

Production time from 5 days

After approval and payment, we sew the order in 1-2 weeks and deliver the complete products with care recommendations.

Freedom to choose fabric colors

You can order products from any material — from economy to elite class. A variety of colors and patterns.

Worldwide delivery

We deliver to anywhere in the world through trusted transport companies.

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