Protective overalls

Updated reusable protective suits are now available for you. We have worked on new models by interviewing our doctors, who have consistently used our old-style protective coveralls. Also, foreign experience in creating personal protective equipment was studied and applied. Besides the fact that now our overalls are more comfortable and comfortable, they have become even more affordable.


  • Treatment and Medical institutions, as well as other institutions that Require mandatory use of the product to create a barrier and prevent cross-contamination with infectious agents.
  • Working in " Clean rooms" And sterile rooms
  • Food industry
  • Emergency departments, emergency Services
  • Protection against water vapor, Large amounts of moisture
  • Veterinary control
  • Pharmaceutical industry and laboratories
  • Shipbuilding and automotive
  • Any operations in polluted conditions

    Features of the jumpsuit:

  • Reusable (25 processing Cycles and higher) scientific-CoV Covid-19
  • Light weight, air-and vapor-permeable
  • WIDE range of SIZES-5 5-AND SIZES, SO it is COMFORTABLE and SAFE to WORK in THEM
    • the jumpsuit IS MADE in THE following SIZES: 42-46, 48-52, 54-58, 60-64, 66-70
    • the JUMPSUIT is MADE OF the following SIZE for the ORDER:: 176, 188
    • sewn Shoe covers made of the main fabric with elastic band in the ankle area provide protection from viruses and bacteria
    • the Suit is presented in two materials with a high level of barrier protection:
      • Polyester fiber with polyurethane coating Barrier of filamentous filaments with MVO and ClinOK in pory.jpg
      • Central side clasp with an internal strap that goes from the top to the front side, covering the slider
      • Metal clips for adjusting the hood to fit any oval face
      • Micro-adjustment of the hood to the head circumference
      • fixing the belt with elastic band and belt
      • Double sleeve for two pairs of protective gloves + Elastic band on the inner sleeve for fixing the sleeve and putting on gloves
      • Internal Loop tapes for quick and non-contact removal
      • Biohazard warning sign

Registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor №RZN 2020/11628 (.pdf)

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