Новый вектор развития для фабрики PROFI DRESS и Самарского колледжа сервисных технологий и дизайна


This year, September set a new vector of development for the PROFI DRESS factory and the Samara State College of Service Technologies and Design.

Yesterday I was invited to college for the grand opening of the Digital Fashion Designer workshop. You can only dream of such an automated workshop! In addition to programs, a plotter and well-equipped places, there is a BODYSCANER, which allows you to determine 150 dimensional features of a human figure in a few seconds and create its 3D model. This will allow you to sew clothes that will fit as well as possible to the figure of each client.

The college received this successful acquisition largely due to the efforts of its director, Tatyana Alexandrovna Sannikova. She is a real fan of her work, who spares no effort to ensure that the students of her institution study in the best conditions and have the opportunity to work with advanced technologies.

I visited a building where tailors, fashion designers, designers, constructors are trained - it's nice to know that students with such a good background will one day become our future cadres. I was especially pleased with the fact that on the territory of the college the children have their own boutique, equipped with taste.

I believe that Samara College is the only place in the region where you can get a quality education in the field of sewing. Thanks to him, not only our factory, but also other light industry institutions will be able to receive well-trained personnel. And we, as a manufacturing company, must provide places for such specialists no worse than those currently organized on the college grounds.

And the main event of yesterday was the fact that our factory and the director of the college signed an agreement that will allow college students to undergo practical training in our factory, taking into account our production goals.

I am proud of our common cause and will definitely and will try to do everything so that the best graduates want to work with us. So that they really burn with their work, and our team is replenished with real masters of various specialties.
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